lunes, 8 de agosto de 2016

Why lodge in a Boutique Hotel in Puebla


  1. Local feel. Regardless of the city or continent, the boutique hotel inevitably gives its guests a genuine feel for the location. For example, The Rose Hotel’s location on historic Main Street in downtown Pleasanton gives visitors a quiet, relaxing environment reflective of the city itself. Walk out the hotel’s front door and there is quaint shopping and dining stretching for blocks.
  2. Rare experience. While some people stay exclusively at boutique hotels, others treat themselves occasionally to the rare experience characterized by their more intimate and luxurious environments, as well as more personalized accommodations and services.
  3. More luxurious accommodations. There is a cozier feel to smaller-scale hotels because they aren’t choked with throngs of people and monotone rooms. By contrast, boutiques often focus on a specific experience, style or image, rather than simply functionality.
  4. Newer properties. Boutiques tend to have been more recently constructed, if for no other reason than boutiques are a relatively new hotel category. Conversely, if history and architectural character are your fancy, there are plenty of boutiques that accommodate those predilections.
  5. Upscale designs. Whether newly constructed or historic, boutique hotels almost invariably bring a heightened sense of design and décor, which is one of the great differentiators between boutique and conventional hotels.
  6. Higher level of pampering. Boutiques have brought back the old-school approach to customer service. Guests are pampered, from plush lobbies, furniture and bedding to higher quality food, beverage and concierge service.
  7. Intimate atmosphere. By virtue of their smaller size, boutiques naturally have a warmer ambiance, yet they are large enough to avoid the claustrophobic sensation one sometimes gets from cramped bed and breakfasts. 

If you’ve never had the pleasure of staying at a boutique hotel we invite you to experience the difference in Puebla.


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